Monday, December 23

One More Tea Towel + A Shot of the View from Up Here

This one really is much cuter in person.  
But look at those hedgies!

Sunday, December 22

Christmas Dresses Quick Cap

 I loved this pattern.  So quick and easy.  I was able to get these done in an afternoon.  Thanks for sending it, Mom!
Try to imagine them with gold shoes and headbands on.  Maybe I'll be able to get a few better pictures later this week.

Sunday, December 15

Tea Towels

Teriney and Kristin got me hooked on embroidering tea towels last month and here's my progress so far.
It's fun and kind of addicting!  
I was thinking these might make good Christmas presents, but I'm not sure who will get them, yet. 
If it's you, act surprised.

Tuesday, December 10

In the Bag

 I've been doing a little sewing lately and if feels good!
This bag is from the Metro Slouch pattern by Lila Teuller.  I really liked how structured it is and I liked the size when I saw a sample in a local fabric shop. 
I think it turned out pretty good, even if I couldn't find all of the hardware the pattern called for.  
 There are some fabrics in my stash that I have a hard time using because I love them so much.  I almost always think my fabric looks better folded neatly on a shelf than in one of my finished projects.
This red print is one of those fabrics.  
It's out of print, so if I messed up or didn't like the end result, my lovely American Jane cotton would be gone.  As you can see, I could not commit enough of it to do the pockets AND the lining.

 And I whipped up this Taxi Tote bag by Anna Maria Horner for Henry's teacher's Christmas present.  She loves owls and has her whole room done in them.  I also know she likes chevron stripes because I stalked her on Pinterest.  
I feel like that's a little creepy, but I'm putting it out there anyway.

Wednesday, December 4

Wrapping It Up

Sometimes the packaging exceeds the gift.
Personally, I don't think it could get any better than dachshund wrapping and plaid paper.
Top it all off with lovely thrifted tags and washi tape from Germany (thanks to my favorite ex-pat), and I almost don't want to let the kids tear into these Christmas morning.

Now, all I need is for someone to put up and decorate my tree, so these goodly gifts have a place to rest until December 25th!
P.S.  The dachshund paper is from TJMax.  The plaid paper is from Target.  If you were curious.