Thursday, September 30

A Sneak Peak

I've been working on a few things for a dear friend of mine, but you'll have to wait until after her baby shower this Saturday to see what they look like!

Tuesday, September 28

Have I Mentioned I'm a Sucker for School Supplies?

I l-u-v school supplies.

I knew I'd made the right choice in a husband when his mother gave us our own boxes of colored pens one year for Christmas. When I spy a gigantic pack of Sharpie markers in a store, all color coordinated and such, my heart beats a little faster. I buy Lucy a new pair of scissors every year for school, not because she wore her last pair out, but simply because I'm a sucker for school supplies. Organizing my "office", which is in my kitchen (where else should a professional homemaker's office be, I ask you?), is one of my favorite things to do. I love to line up my pens and straighten my cardstock and sort my bills-- A LOT. I do know this behavior is probably something they could make a TLC show about, but I digress.

Last week, Lucy's teacher sent home a note about the kids needing a pencil bag that could snap in to a binder. I dutifully searched the three Targets in my vicinity and came up empty. Apparently, once school starts, the stores around here reduce their pencil pouch stock dramatically. SO, I decided to make my own pencil pouch! It ended up being so easy and the perfect project for this Denyse Schmidt decor weight fabric I've had for a while.

Saturday, September 25

Long Distance Grandmotheringg

With a dozen (soon to be a baker's dozen) grandchildren scattered all over the United States I struggle to find ways to stay connected with them. The toddlers and babies are a special challenge. If we only get to see them once a year, we are "strangers" each time we are introduced and we have to start all over again with peak-a-boo from a distance till they warm up to us. Of course we attempt to talk to them on the phone but they are usually more interested in pushing the buttons or eating it!

When they do get old enough, they tend to describe what they see in the room or parrot what parents are telling them to say. So I ache to find ways to let them know they have a grandma that loves them with all her heart.

Right now we have seven wonderful grandsons ranging in ages 3 1/2 to 1 1/2. Five of them were born in a year! They live in Kentucky, Arkansas, California, Washington and until a week ago, Idaho. A few weeks ago I promised Becca's Henry (in Arkansas) that I would send him a letter. He loves to get mail as most 3-year-olds do. I awoke with a start a few days ago realizing I had failed to keep that promise and then this little rhyme, with Henry in mind, germinated in my head. I had to scribble it on the back of receipt beside my bed before I forgot it. I typed it up and plugged in some images from the internet and photos of Henry. Then I decided I might as well make a version for the other little boys--one of the perks of having so many close in age!

I printed up the pages and tucked them into sheet protectors and a report folder. Here is Henry "reading" the version I sent him. Can you guess his favorite part?

Thursday, September 23

Welcoming Annastasia

My little brother and his cute wife just welcomed their second child and first GIRL this week. After a two year “boy” streak, it looks like the tides are turning. Here she is:

I whipped up a diaper and wipes case to send along with a box full of girl clothes to the newest member of the family. What is it about putting together a package that is so fun?


This is such an easy little project and really handy, too. The carrier is just big enough to keep a couple of diapers and a package of wipes together so they are ready when you need to make a quick change.


Congrats, Dan and Candice!

Thursday, September 16

Scooping Up More Sweet Dreams

Here is the top to go with Eva's popsicle pj pants. Fabric scraps cut into a cone shape and three scoops were backed with iron-on interfacing, basted together and then stitched onto a tee shirt. Before attaching the applique I sewed diagonal lines on the cone in white to create the waffle grid.

Friday, September 10

Sweet Dreams!

Another episode in long distance grandmothering--

Sewing for my grandchildren is one way I am able to stay connected with grandchildren I seldom get to see. On my last visit to L.A. the girls picked out some fabric for pj pants and here are the results. I love the giggly phone calls I get when they open their packages.

I warned Eva and Leah that they might get a sugar high when they sleep in these sweet confections. Eva wanted popsicle pants and Leah loves anything with cupcakes. Hedwig got a new owl blanket too.

Personalized Super Hero Capes

The perfect gift for the Super Hero in your life! Truman and Lincoln wore theirs to a super hero birthday party. I cut out the letters in a fabric that does not fray like fleece and backed them with an iron on interfacing. This made it easy to machine baste the letters onto a contrasting colored, bottom weight, or broadcloth diamond. The edges of the diamond were pressed under 1/4 inch and stitched into place on the back of the cape. The neck is edged with store bought bias tape which serves as the ties as well .