Saturday, December 31

Case for the wand

Here is the case Mark made for Lucy's wand. He started with the cardboard tube from an aluminum foil roll, which he covered with 5 layers of brown craft paper. The paper was attached to the tube with Hard Coat Mod Podge, and he spread the Mod Podge on the paper as he rolled it up around the tube. After it dried, he wrote Harry Potter spells and some additional creative spells on the paper with a calligraphy pen. He then coated the roll with 5 layers of Mod Podge.
The end cap and cover were made from Sculpey Premo. He rolled the lump into a ball and smashed it into disc form. He then set the end of the tube in the center of the Sculpey disc and pressed it in to make the correct fit for the caps. Next, he put the caps on the ends of the tube and formed the edges around the tube to make a custom fit. The Sculpey was baked, and then he used a small butane torch to burn it in spots to make it appear used. Lucy's initials were written on craft paper with the pen and then Mod Podged to the lid. On the other end, he made the end cap vine the same way as the wand...drilling a small hole in the center and applying the vine with super glue, urethane craft glue, and Mod Podge. Holes were drilled through the inside the tube and partially through the cap and the leather was super glued and Mod Podged. This is so the lid won't get lost, hopefully. A round piece of blue velvet was glued to the inside of the end cap, and then the cap was super glued to the end of the tube, and then Mod Podged with 3 heavy layers. The cap was attached, and the tube was allowed to sit a day to make sure everything was dry. It has the feel and look of old leather. Some of the writing smeared, but that only added to the effect. Mark said it turned out exactly as he imagined it. A small square of foam rubber was stuffed down to the bottom to protect the wand when it is in the tube.

Wednesday, December 28

Scenes Around the House

my very own starburns

the end of an era... hopefully

last week's project piles

the sweetest girl on the block

playing with fire
the only thing that tames the beast is the space heater

Hermione wand

Mark made this Hermione wand for Lucy.
He used a straight drum stick, sanded it to shape,
and stained it. Then he drilled a small hole in the
wide end, and inserted the stem of a plastic plant
from Joannes, super glued into the hole. He then
twisted the ivy around the wand and held it in place
with a clamp at the tip. Next, the branches
and leaves were spaced, and the ivy was glued to
the stick with a urethane craft glue. After the glue
dried, he applied multiple coats of Hard Coat Modpodge.
The end button is made from Scupley Premo, formed
over the end of the wand, and super glued. The button
covers a hole drilled about 2 inches into the stick into
which is inserted the Heart of the Wand...Misha Hair.
He vine looks like it growing out of the side of the wand.

Monday, December 26

The Morning: A Post for Mom

Twas the night before Christmas...

 I hope you can see the expression on H's face.

Saturday, December 24

PJ's From the West

 Thanks, Grandma J for the awesome pj's!!!
The children are nestled all snug in their new pajamas tonight!

Christmas Eve With (most of) the Gang

The Hartzells were gracious enough to let us descend upon their festive home for some traditional paninis and cookie decorating.
I call this photo "My Two Dads".  
Billy and Larry looked charming in their matching green khakis and red long sleeve shirts.
Harper was mesmerized by Billy's beard.  It held her interest for a long time.

 The kids had fun decorating cookies for Santa.

 Bram made a special one for a certain someone in our group who wasn't feeling their best.
(you know who you are)
 And, we attempted a 500 piece puzzle that proved more time consuming than we had time for.  
We tried to include the Sharp's via Skype and FaceTime, but honestly, it just wasn't the same.
After a quick detour to the pet store, we headed home for a simple, quiet dinner.  We read Christmas stories, opened pj's from Grandma J and went to bed at a decent hour.
I can't think of a better way to spend Christmas Eve.

Project Panda

 Not the tidiest work, but finished nonetheless.  
A little panda coin purse for my niece, in the style of Lucy's owl purse, marks the end of Christmas crafting.
Now, it's time to start getting the kids to bed and stuffing the stockings.
Merry Christmas, Y'all!

Friday, December 23

Lucy's Super Hero

I've posted some of Lucy's drawings here before, but this newest sketch kind of takes the cake.
She told me she wanted to create a new super hero...

Thursday, December 22

Shirt for the Boy + a Few Other Projects

Not the greatest pictures, but I did manage to get at least one shirt done for Henry for Christmas.  
I made a 3-D paper airplane applique.
It looks a lot cuter in person, I think.
 Henry was invited to a birthday and since Legos are just about the best thing in the entire world to him, I fixed up a Lego shirt for his friend.
 I've been wanting to try this tutorial via Pinterest for a cosmetics bag for awhile.  It dawned on me that it was something my mother-in-law might be able to use since she travels a lot.  
I used some fabric for the lining that I know she really likes.
Hopefully, she doesn't read this post and spoil the Christmas surprise!
Trying my hardest to finish all the projects in my head... 
just two days left!

Tuesday, December 20

Family Photos 2011

Inspired by a friend's recent post, here are our family pictures for 2011!

Henry, 4 1/2

Billy & Becca
(looking like the picture for an Ensign article on marriage)
Lucy, 8 1/2