Sunday, April 20

West Coast Easter

Hope everyone had a nice Easter Sabbath.  Mark played his violin perfectly with the choir number this morning at church and I loved singing the Easter hymns. 
Like you, Becca, I didn't get photos of everyone there or the meal.  Once Peter's family came I was too busy serving up dinner to take photos.  But it was wonderful to have them all here.  After heavy rain the past couple of days we were blessed with a dry, mild day.  Aaron's family came early to do their family egg hunt in our back yard.  It made if feel like Easter for us to have little ones trying to find eggs in the bushes!

Before the hunt, Eleanor shows off her new hair cut with her mommy/hairdresser.  Truman gives Misha a thorough greeting!  
 Lincoln's eggs were orange.
 Eleanor's were pink.
 I set up an art project that I had done with my kindergarten class, making bubble prints.
 Kids blew bubbles into paint/dish soap mixture with a straw, and then captured the bubble prints on a paper outline of an egg.  Messy but fun!  
 Butterfly and flower sugar cookies on my mother-in-laws old Franciscan Wear, Desert Rose. 
 Two things I love about Easter:  fresh tulips and the Franciscan-Wear dishes.
 Dessert bar:  Chocolate covered strawberries,  Chocolate Bunt Cake, Sugar Cookies, Candy

Easter Sunday

No pictures of food or all of the company we had together.  No family pictures, all in our Sunday best.  But, here are some snapshots of our little Easter Egg hunt, which topped off our happy Sunday following an uplifting church service with an Easter hymn by our choir (which I lead) and delicious lunch.  Just the best way to celebrate such a hopeful holiday.
Hope yours was good, too!
Tessa slept through the fun.  But, Charlotte was game.

Ready.  Set.  GO!

Helps to have a tall friend.

Time out for glamour shots by the leaves as I coveted Holly's cute Easter outfit.

Why I don't have any close ups of Bram or Harper, I don't know!  

Saturday, April 19

Necessity is the Mother of Invention!

Twas the night before Easter. . . . and I was ready to dip my strawberries in chocolate when I discovered NO STYROFOAM in the house!!!   Not sure what others do to dry their chocolate covered strawberries, but in desperation I sliced raw potatoes in half and it worked!   
Like little islands with chocolate strawberry trees!

Easy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

20 large-medium sized strawberries with stem/leaves
1 cup chocolate chips
1 T shortening

Make sure strawberries are clean and thoroughly dry.
Melt shortening in a small glass bowl.
Pour chocolate chips into melted shortening and stir.
Microwave 30 seconds and stir until all is melted.
Stick toothpicks into top of strawberry and dip in chocolate.
Stick other end of toothpick into styrofoam (or raw potatoes cut in half!) until dry.