Friday, August 22

More Embellished Tea Towels

Here are a few more embellished tea towels I did for some friends' birthdays.  
Nothing really fancy, but they did the trick. 
I should have ironed them a little better before I took pictures. 
 One friend's husband makes his own delicious BBQ sauce and, since his name is Dan, they call it Dan-D-Q sauce.  I think this would be kind of funny.

Saturday, August 9

Printable Proclamation Poster

Say that ten times fast!
I was asked to do the crafts for our stake's girls' camp again this year.  It was so much fun.  What could be better than searching Pinterest for ideas and crafting supply shopping sprees at Michaels?  The stake Young Women's President asked that one of the crafts be a framed Proclamation to the World on the Family, so each girl would have a copy.  Wanting to do something with a little more pep than the beige church issued poster, I took highlights from each paragraph and made my own.  

Here's what I came up with and I thought I'd share.  Feel free to save, print and share these posters.  They look best printed as an 8x10 photo.  I only ask that you use these for personal use and not for profit.
If you have trouble saving them, leave me a message with your email address and I'll send you a file directly.


Sunday, June 8

Pillow Case Apliques

Personalize an ordinary pillow case with fabric appliqué.  All you need is a supply of fabric scraps,  Wonder Under or some other two sided iron on interfacing type stuff and a zig zag stitch.  Pattern can be made from your own kindergarten style designs or clip art, coloring pages or other graphic. 
 My goal this year is to make one for each of the 15 oldest grandchildren.   So far I have crafted 5, only 10 more to go!
 When I print up a graphic from the computer I print two.  One I cut up into pieces to make the shapes I need for each different layer or piece of fabric.  The other one serves as a reference for how to assemble my fabric pieces.
 I think it is easier to layer smaller pieces over larger ones.  For example, the center of the flowers is layered over the petal piece.  The petal details on the pink flowers are stitched but the flower is a single piece like the yellow one.  Those are not individual petal pieces.  The butterfly wings have a smaller layer over the larger one in contrasting fabrics.  The antennae are simply zigzag stitching.
 These orcas are made up of a single layer of black with smaller white pieces layered over them.

Even Easier Ice Cream Cake

A variation of Becca's Summer Cake: I used a carton of strawberry ice cream, slightly softened and cut into 2 inch slices.  Slices were placed on top of previously frozen white cake layer, and corners trimmed to fit the round layer like a puzzle.  Use a spatula to smooth into place to fit the layer.  Top with second frozen layer.  Freezing the cake first makes it more stable and easier to handle.  Freeze the filled cake.

                      Thoroughly mix one small package of strawberry Jello with 12 oz. Cool Whip.
Frost the frozen cake with the now pink Cool Whip.
Freeze until ready to serve.

Decorations for this cake were added just before serving.

Sunday, June 1

Summer Sherbet Cake

For our last two family birthdays, I've had requests for ice cream cake.  For my daughter's 11th birthday, I thought I'd do something a little brighter and lighter.  It was a hit!  Here's my easy way to create a tangy and refreshing twist on a classic ice cream cake.

White Cake Mix
Thawed Rainbow Sherbet (it takes about 30-40 minutes sitting at room temp. to get it soft and spreadable, but not liquid)

1 1/4 cup Whipping Cream
1 small package of Strawberry Jello
1/3 cup powdered sugar (more or less to taste)
Chilled mixing bowl
Sour Gummy Worms

Cake: Bake the cake mix according to the directions in two 9" round pans.  Any brand will do and you can doctor it up if you like with an extra egg, sour cream, pudding, etc.

Assembly: Once the cakes are cooled, place one layer on a plate and spread thawed sherbet thickly* on top, leaving about 1 inch between the edge of the cake and the edge of the ice cream.  Top with the second cake layer (bottom side up, so you have a nice flat surface to frost) and press down gently.  If any sherbet squishes out the sides, smooth the edges with a knife or metal spatula.  Set in freezer while you make the frosting.
*I like about 1.5" to 2" thick, but you could do more or less depending on your cake to ice cream ratio preferences.

Frosting: In a chilled mixing bowl, whip cream in an electric mixer at high speed until very soft peaks form.  Gradually whip in the Jello and sugar until firm peaks form.  Smooth over frozen cake and top with sour gummy worms.  Refreeze.  Thaw the cake for at least 30 minutes before you serve it.

Sunday, April 20

West Coast Easter

Hope everyone had a nice Easter Sabbath.  Mark played his violin perfectly with the choir number this morning at church and I loved singing the Easter hymns. 
Like you, Becca, I didn't get photos of everyone there or the meal.  Once Peter's family came I was too busy serving up dinner to take photos.  But it was wonderful to have them all here.  After heavy rain the past couple of days we were blessed with a dry, mild day.  Aaron's family came early to do their family egg hunt in our back yard.  It made if feel like Easter for us to have little ones trying to find eggs in the bushes!

Before the hunt, Eleanor shows off her new hair cut with her mommy/hairdresser.  Truman gives Misha a thorough greeting!  
 Lincoln's eggs were orange.
 Eleanor's were pink.
 I set up an art project that I had done with my kindergarten class, making bubble prints.
 Kids blew bubbles into paint/dish soap mixture with a straw, and then captured the bubble prints on a paper outline of an egg.  Messy but fun!  
 Butterfly and flower sugar cookies on my mother-in-laws old Franciscan Wear, Desert Rose. 
 Two things I love about Easter:  fresh tulips and the Franciscan-Wear dishes.
 Dessert bar:  Chocolate covered strawberries,  Chocolate Bunt Cake, Sugar Cookies, Candy

Easter Sunday

No pictures of food or all of the company we had together.  No family pictures, all in our Sunday best.  But, here are some snapshots of our little Easter Egg hunt, which topped off our happy Sunday following an uplifting church service with an Easter hymn by our choir (which I lead) and delicious lunch.  Just the best way to celebrate such a hopeful holiday.
Hope yours was good, too!
Tessa slept through the fun.  But, Charlotte was game.

Ready.  Set.  GO!

Helps to have a tall friend.

Time out for glamour shots by the leaves as I coveted Holly's cute Easter outfit.

Why I don't have any close ups of Bram or Harper, I don't know!