Tuesday, April 26

Rosy Nightgown

 Lucy's BFF had a birthday this month.  She had a "late-over" party and a nightgown on her wishlist.  A wish I thought I could easily fulfill.  So easy, I thought I could whip out a matching one for Lucy before the party and they could be twins!  I found a pattern and cut out the fabric and then... my brain stopped working.  It took me MUCH longer than it should have to make Ryli's nightgown-- lots of seam ripping and resewing and stretching out of the bodice.  The end result was not my best, but it was finished and wrapped just in time (hence the lacking picture).  That's worth something, right? 

A week later, I did finish the match for Lucy.  Why I couldn't figure it out the first time is beyond me.  
But, that's kinda how I roll lately.

Happy (late) Birthday, Ryli! 

Monday, April 25

Easter In Pictures

Easter in Ones and Twos:
Two egg hunts.  One delicious brunch.  One fun concert.  One ham dinner with friends.  One handmade gingham tie.  Two pans of croissant bread pudding (eaten over two days).  One yummy carrot cake.  Two Easter baskets hidden and found.  One  lovely church service.  One freshly bathed dog.  

Sunday, April 24

The Composer is Dead

I'm not sure why I'd never heard of this before, but Lemony Snicket (author of the famed Unfortunate Events) has written a book all about the orchestra called "The Composer is Dead".  There is a score that accompanies  the story and this last weekend, a local orchestra was performing it.  With Billy working, I packed the kids up and we went to search it out for a little Easter weekend adventure.

The program was wonderful!  It was completely geared toward kids and began with an oboe concerto followed by "The Composer is Dead".  The story was narrated by a UCA theater professor and the illustrations from the book were displayed on a large screen behind the orchestra.  I found myself laughing out loud!  It was so entertaining.

After the performance was over, members of the orchestra talked with the kids about their instruments and they got to try a few.  There were free brownies, cookies, and rice crispy treats, and juice.  I was so pleasantly surprised that something like this was happening near Little Rock.  It is not a big city and enriching kid activities are hard to find here.

Crafts followed and all in all, it was a really great afternoon!

This is a little video done with Lemony Snicket and Nathaniel Stookey (the composer of The Composer is Dead).  It explains the story a little and gives you a taste of the music.  

You can also click HERE, if you want to see the book/cd on amazon.  I think I'm going to have to order it!

Tuesday, April 12

It's a Dog Party!

Tomorrow is Henry's birthday.  
I can't believe that he is going to be FOUR!  
Hooray for four!
We celebrated early with family and the gang at Larry's Pizza last night for dinner.  It was a double party as our sweet friend Ryli's b-day was yesterday (she turned the big 0-8)! 
 Henry requested Dirt Cake, so that's what he got.  Even if I forgot to bring it and Billy had to run back home in traffic to get it.  And even if I forgot the camera, so I have no pictorial proof .  And even if I forgot a birthday candle.  Lucky for forgetful me, I have a rememberful/sharingful friend who let us borrow Ryli's candle.    

Today, we had a little party with Henry's preschool friends.  He requested a DOG party.  Easy enough, now that we have a dog.

First, we made doggy ears.  
In the midst of our cutting and stapling, one little girl gave herself a haircut (or grooming as we call it at a dog party) with her scissors.  I got a pretty good laugh over the wispy blond curls that fluttered to the floor.  Luckily, her mom is a hair dresser, so she can probably make it work.

We played "Sit" (which is a lot like musical chairs, but without the chairs).

 There were cupcakes that looked like this:

And candle blowing that looked like this:

 And lots of great presents.  We are so lucky to have such generous friends!!  Henry played with all his new toys the rest of the afternoon.

When it was time to go, these little guys went home with our friends:

Henry said it was a "good" party, which is always my goal.
Tomorrow will be a low-key celebration of the actual turning of years for our buddy.  I think breakfast in bed, a new bike and dinner at Cracker Barrel are in order.  
He just loves their peppermint sticks and 
I just love my darling, wonderful, clever, spectacular, fantastic boy!

Monday, April 11

12 Squared: April Square

This square is for my friend Jennie.  She sent out the fabric, which is so soothing.  The pattern she picked is called a Twisted Nine and was very easy!  If you'd like to see more of Jennie's squares from other 12 Squared contributors click HERE.

Saturday, April 9

It's A Peeps Easter

This metal pail full of potted flowers is from Walmart.
Peeps on a half shell adorn this metal egg holder.

See Dana Made It for directions on how to make this Bunny Bunting. I might add, be sure to press your Peeps!
Even though these bunnies are not Peeps, I thought they were cute. The flowers were orange so I had to paint them to match my dishes. The napkin holders were my mom's and the dishes were my mother-in-law's.

Friday, April 8


Everyone's suggestions were great!  Thank you!  I finally decided on blue gingham to finish off the Dresden Plates.  I love how it turned out!  It is my first real quilt, made from a pattern, started over five years ago.  It feels SO good to have it finished after all this time.
 I am in love with all of the fabrics used for the petals-- all thanks to my wonderful mother-in-law, who understands the need for a well balanced stash. 
 I used a vintage sheet for the back.
 Maybe a little over kill with a dust ruffle I made a few years back-- most of the fabrics were from the same 30s reprint line.