Monday, August 13

Dachshund B-Day

We celebrated Lucy's 9th a month after the fact, but what's better than dragging out birthday fun?
She wanted a dachshund party, with face painting and a craft.  So, that's what we did.
Our good friend, Miss Beth, graciously painted everyone's face with the animal of their choice.

 The girls made clay necklaces (leftovers from girls' camp).
 We had hot dogs, chips and pop.  There was a cake that kind of looked like a dog.  With lots of crumbs in the frosting.  I am no cake decorator, but I think it tasted good.  And that's what really counts, right?
 Lucy was completely spoiled with a treasure trove of presents.  She has the most generous friends.
Here are some things about Lucy at age nine:
She loves dogs.  Especially dachshunds.
She recently became a vegetarian.
She's an avid Harry Potter Lego player on the Wii.
She is tall and wears a woman's size 6 shoe.
She is generous and always keeps a box of trinkets to give away to friends who visit.
She likes to play the piano.
She is a hard worker and loves to save and spend her money.
She loves to wear high heels when she can and has been putting Sun-In in her hair all summer to make it blonde.
She loves to draw.

Saturday, August 4

Heirloom Treasure Arrived Today!

 Can't believe what came in the mail today!  Nephew Tommy sent a box full of handmade linens that were given to him by his grandmother, Opal (my mother-in-law / Becca's grandmother).  I am totally passing these on to my quilting fanatic daughter, Becca!  Take a look at this calico gem!

This is not filled with any sort of batting.  Just the quilt top backed by the green calico.

And this priceless old quilt top also has no batting but is backed with muslim.  Was it  a bed cover?  a table cloth?

 It is obviously used and somewhat worn in spots.  There are 35 squares and each was embroidered by a different woman and signed with her name.  

 Three squares include the date, "1933".  One declares, "Manassa, Colorado, 1933". 

Opal was 21 years old in 1933, a young mother of two daughters.  This was her square.

 Most or many of the women are relatives of my mother-in-law. 

Opal's maiden name was De Priest.

Mabel is Opal's mother, Becca's great-grandmother.
Mabel's maiden name was Crowther so this is a relative, too.

 Another one says "Grandma Crowther" so that would be Becca's great-grandmother.  
Can't wait for you to touch it Becca!  

Sailin' Through Summer

Can't believe it is August already!  Our precious summer days seem to be sailing by.  

And I have an August grand baby ready for his first birthday this month.  So I used some super soft polyester knit I had left over from another project and Simplicity 5982 to make this little sailor suit for a precious boy. Long shorts and a loose fitting sailor top.  Inset has a snap on one side for easy pull on. 

 Happy Birthday Jaron!