Friday, June 18

Book Review: Shanghai Girls

Rating: Liked it!
This is a story of two, modern sisters, living in diverse Shanghai during the 1930s. Their father gambles away the family's money and sells the girls into marriages with men they've never met to settle his debt. The girls are married, but evade going to America with their new husbands and father-in-law until the Japanese invade China and their lives change forever. I was fascinated with the detailed history explored in "Shanghai Girls". It covers a myriad of topics from sister relationships to Chinese immigration during WWII to Hollywood's interaction with Chinese actors. I thought Lisa See did a great job of writing her research into a complex story the marries Chinese tradition and mid-American history. The one downfall of this story is the ending, which slashes story lines with quick and easy, yet not at all satisfying, conclusions.

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Gerbera Daisy Mom said...

When is our movie night to watch Chinese movies??!!