Monday, November 1

Made From a Sheet and Not a Ghost!

When I was a kid, the default Halloween costume was cutting two eye holes in an old bed sheet and throwing it over your head. Presto! You were a ghost! It was the one costume that accommodated that bulky jacket Mom insisted you wear on those chilly Pacific Northwest Halloween nights. Well, this year, I put old bed sheets to other uses.

21 month old grandson, Benjamin, wanted to be a chef like Daddy! Using an old white sheet and Simplicity pattern 3650 make believe dreams come true.

Several years ago, Dan attended culinary school but lost his chef hat. I made one for him using the pattern for kids, just made the circle top two inches wider and adjusted the band length to fit an adult head.

Ben turns his back on two cousins who have come trick or treating at Granna's house. The blue alien costume is one I made for Uncle Peter 30 years ago!

Grandsons enjoy Halloween cupcakes decorated with marshmallows, white chocolate chips, gummy pumpkins and lots of sprinkles. As much fun to eat as they are to make! Perfect treat after all that trick or treating.

Leah wanted to be Princess Leia for Halloween and insisted on a hood attached to her white dress. How to do that with a back closure? With small white buttons on the shoulders, the hood is attached with thread loops. You can barely see it in this picture. I fashioned the dress from another old sheet and a basic costume pattern (Simplicity 3595--love those $.99 pattern sales!). I used the dress view and made it longer, added a zipper closure in the back, flared out the sleeves and made a slightly V-shaped belt that buttons in the back. Velcro would also work. I also added a little mandarin collar for that Tatooine look!



Becca said...

Ben's chef's outfit turned out so cute! I love it! I can't believe you still had that alien costume!

little rocker said...

The Princess Leia outfit is very "Tatooine-ish"