Friday, May 20

Prima Ballerina

End of the school year means dance recital night and dance recital night means one super happy and excited girl and one crazy, stressed out momma.  On top of trying to remember every little bit of costume, snacks, backstage activities, flowers, extra bobby pins, lipstick, and dinner, treats and activities for the little brother in waiting, I have the dreaded task of putting Lucy's 20lbs of slippery straight hair into a bun.  That is never a pretty sight and takes much longer than it should.  Same goes for my application of stage makeup.  These things stress me out.

Last year, Billy was out of town, so I was running solo.  By the time I got down to the theater and I realized I'd forgotten Lucy's shoes.  I had to race back to my street parking with Henry en toe, speed home, retrieve the shoes, race back downtown, find another place to park, and deliver the shoes before the show started.

This year, I thought would be miles easier since Billy was home and my loving friend, Rachel, who happens to be a hairdresser, graciously came to my rescue and did Lucy's hair for me.  Things were going smoothly until it was time to go.  Billy was running late, Lucy majorly ripped her tights as we were heading out the door (which meant an emergency trip to Target on the way to the theater, where they were sold out of of the right kind of tights) and forgetting to pick up flowers for our darling daughter.

But, once again, friends came to the rescue and Kristin was able to pick up an extra bouquet on her way to the theater for me.
Final Bow                                                                                                       Finale Number

Henry pooped out before the three hour show was over, just like last year.

She did such a great job!  She had a little solo pose in the middle of her class' dance.  If you blinked, you missed it, but she was so excited about it.  

This face is the reason I succumb to chaos once a year.

I couldn't believe how many of her friends came out to watch her.  It really made her night to have her girls there.

One more photo op leaving the theater.   

 Now I've got a whole year to stock up on extra tights... I just wonder what kind of glitches await me that I can't prepare for!


Lisa said...

Lucy looks gorgeous! What a special event. Man, the things we do for our kidlets and they don't even realize it until they have little ones of their own. You are such an awesome mama!

Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

You really are SUPER MOM! Wish we could have made it:( & how sweet of you to credit me on your blog!!!! I loved that I got to be a part of her memorable evening!

Photo Jenn Inc. said...

Lucy you are beautiful inside and out! Brings back memories (12 years of them) Becca- you're doing great! Life is kinda like a dance recital-only without the dress rehearsal. ;-)

jean said...

Lucy you look beautiful! Thanks for sharing Bec!

kristin said...

didn't i bring henry last year? or was that the year before...we had fun!

Marji & Jim said...

she looks so pretty! way to make it through the night. Livy threw up on Pam 15 min before Maddy's recital so at least that didn't happen to you!

Becca said...

oh, kristin, you might be right. maybe you did bring henry last year. i can't remember. but, i do remember that billy was in florida on his "boys'" trip. that's something i won't forget for quite some time.

Janene said...

Holy Tights! Way to make your little girl feel special!

I love the sleepy Henry shots.

Lucy's is the prettiest costume! Was the choker part of the costume? What was her dance number?

Becca said...

Mom, Yes the choker was part of the costume, as the tie around her bun. She danced to a song from South Pacific.