Thursday, October 27

Seat of Learning

I was substitute teaching for a fantastic junior high social studies teacher the other day. Before she left for a doctor's appointment, she apologized for the stained seat on her desk chair. She said she usually draped a silky flag (from some obscure country) over the seat. But it always slipped off. So while she was out, I made a paper pattern of the seat and envisioned myself surprising her with a seat cover. If I could only find fabric with a world map on it!And wouldn't you know, but on my next trip to Jo Ann's I found this world map panel fabric.
I cut out the shape of the seat top with an extra 1/2 inch for seam allowances. I stitched red piping 1/2 inch from the cut edge with a zipper foot. I also used the zipper foot when I stitched a 7 inch strip all around the seat shape, right sides together. I had to ease around the rounded corners. On the other side of the strip, I made a 3/8 inch casing and inserted 1/4 inch elastic.
I hope she likes it!


kristin said...

this is so cool, janene! and so thoughtful! i'm sure she was thrilled!

jean said...

So neat! Was she so surprised?