Saturday, August 4

Heirloom Treasure Arrived Today!

 Can't believe what came in the mail today!  Nephew Tommy sent a box full of handmade linens that were given to him by his grandmother, Opal (my mother-in-law / Becca's grandmother).  I am totally passing these on to my quilting fanatic daughter, Becca!  Take a look at this calico gem!

This is not filled with any sort of batting.  Just the quilt top backed by the green calico.

And this priceless old quilt top also has no batting but is backed with muslim.  Was it  a bed cover?  a table cloth?

 It is obviously used and somewhat worn in spots.  There are 35 squares and each was embroidered by a different woman and signed with her name.  

 Three squares include the date, "1933".  One declares, "Manassa, Colorado, 1933". 

Opal was 21 years old in 1933, a young mother of two daughters.  This was her square.

 Most or many of the women are relatives of my mother-in-law. 

Opal's maiden name was De Priest.

Mabel is Opal's mother, Becca's great-grandmother.
Mabel's maiden name was Crowther so this is a relative, too.

 Another one says "Grandma Crowther" so that would be Becca's great-grandmother.  
Can't wait for you to touch it Becca!  


Teriney said...

Ok Becca are we related? My Dad is from Manassa - my fathers family I believe settled Manassa. Hmmmm

Becca said...

Could be, T! Can't wait to see this in person, Mom! Very cool.

Teriney said...

I talked to my Dad my Step Grandma. Laura is the aunt of your Grandma. And Leola Jack is my Grandma Cella Smith's sister. So yes thru marriage. My Dad knew who all of the ladies were minus Wilma DePriest. I have a few more little bits but funny coincident, us being quilt buddies and are ancestors were too!

jean said...

How neat! Does it inspire you to make one for the next generations?? :)

little rocker said...

Welcome to the family.