Tuesday, December 18

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

This year has been full of changes for our family. 
The biggest of all came in August when we were surprised to learn we were not only expecting, but expecting twins (two girls, if you are curious and didn't already know).  

Since then, things have slowed down... a lot.
There have been fewer posts from the Arkansas half of this blog because productivity in Arkansas has all but come to a screeching halt (unless it has something to do with growing two babies at once).  So, that is my excuse for not sending Christmas cards out to our beloveds this year.  But, I didn't want the year to end without sending some good cheer and a family update your way.

Here is the 2012 Griffin Family Recap (for anyone who is interested):

Billy got a new job working for a commercial sealant company in Arkadelphia as their lead chemist.  In September, his company sent him to Germany to meet with some of their partners, but he was also able to squeeze in a visit with some good friends and Oktoberfest.

Billy also graduated this month from the University of Arkansas in Little Rock with his PhD in chemistry.  It has been a long road and we are really proud of him!  
While Billy slaved away this summer, the kids and I took a couple of road trips.  In June, we headed down to Dallas.

In July, we made our way to Florida.  We are partial to the sun and sand and it was the perfect way to end the summer.

School started in August with lots of morning all day sickness, Henry in Kindergarten and Lucy 4th grade.  Lucy, turned 9 this summer, is a great student, and loves reading, video games, and animals.  She is an aspiring vegetarian-veterinarian and author/illustrator (her latest illustrated cook book for kids is available upon request).  She is most excited about being the oldest of four kids and taking care of the babies.

Henry has picked a Southern accent in school, which really cracks me up.  He loves to play Legos and computer games, read, and use his imagination.  He is constantly telling me things that I'm pretty sure only happen in his head.

The highlight of my year (besides Billy graduating) was a trip in February to L.A., where I got to hang with my sister-in-law and mom.  Traveling is good for my soul.  This year, I also enjoyed teaching piano lessons, a second year in my quilting group (12Squared), my eighth year in my book group, took an upholstery class, quit working at Walmart, and got to visit with some long time friends.  All good things.  

This next year, we are hoping for new adventures and are excited to meet our two littlest family members in March, and hopefully more blog posts.  
We want to wish you all a very merry Christmas, full of things that are good for your soul, and the happiest of New Years!


Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

So nice to hear an update and see that you are all doing well. Congrats again on the twins, and on graduating and getting the new job! Can't wait to see photos of those two little girls when they get out. And if you ever make it to Utah, let us know! xoxo

Wendy said...

Merry Christmas Dear Griffins!!!