Friday, January 18

Togetherness Makes: December 2012

 There's nothing like going home for the holidays!
We had a blast spending three weeks in Washington AND avoided a huge blizzard in Arkansas that left many of our friends without power.
My camera died half way through our trip, but here are some highlights from the first week.

Gingerbread decorating with Grandma

Northwest Trek

Annual nativity scene with the cousins

Christmas Eve visit from Santa 
(Lucy is apparently too old for Santa)

Traditional Christmas Morning Stairs Photo
The rest of our trip included a visit to the zoo and aquarium, sledding at Mt. Rainier, shell collecting at Owen's Beach, shopping, a fun baby shower thrown by my cousin, lots of late night Time's Up tournaments, New Year's Eve soda tasting, philosophical debates, dessert and Pho consumption, and family time.  
We had so much fun, it was hard to leave!
Thanks to babies A and B, who will be making their entrance sometime in the next eight weeks, Grandma J will be coming for a visit of her own! 


Cozy in Texas said...

Adorable pictures.

Candi said...

I am so glad you got to go home! Makes me miss it so much!