Monday, May 27

End of School Round-Up

The school year is winding down around here and this mama is ready for vacation to begin.  I'm looking forward to schedule-free days, frozen yogurt, the water park, lounging around, a messy house, and visiting family.

This has been a year of big changes for our little family.
My soon-to-be fifth grader has been trying on the personality of a tween.  She keeps reminding me that her childhood is going by in a flash, as if I need a reminder.  She is sometimes mature, sometimes a mess.  She is creative, complicated, and tinkering with where she fits in.  Sometimes reserved.  Sometimes brave.  Revels in the responsibility of being oldest.  Hesitant to try new things.  She is capable, smart, and a great playmate.  She is at that magical age where she understands the gravity of world issues but will still make believe with her younger brother.

This boy has knocked Kindergarten out of the park.  He is determined, imaginative, talkative.  He is full of worries and frustrations and feels things deeply.  I am amazed at what a caring big brother he is.  He loves his friends and knows the favorite color of everyone in his class.  Sad parts of movies greatly upset him.  He is curious and mischievous.  He is my teller of stories, builder of Lego-wonder, animal-lover, wanderer of the yard.  I am both hoping and dreading that first grade might rein him in.   

My tinies have graduated from newborn to baby.  They smile and gurgle at us now.  I've moved them to separate beds since they scoot into one another in their sleep.  They are sleeping longer, like five hours at night (hallelujah!).  They are stranger magnets.  The are affection magnets.  We are a traveling side show where ever we go.
Yes, they are twins.
No, they're both girls.
They are 12 weeks old.
Yes, my hands are full.
No, they are not identical.
Yes, they look a lot a like.
Charlotte   /\
Tessa        \/
 Here's hoping summer brings as little change as possible!


Teriney said...

Love this post! Your littles are getting bigger!

Janene said...

Making me cry! Missing you all so much!