Sunday, November 17

Boys' Pants: McCall's Pattern M6502

McCall Pattern M6502

I bought this pattern about a year ago and finally got around to making them for H, who is desperate for pants.  
Granted, he has out grown the largest size (5), but I just added a little here and there as I cut out the fabric and it ended up working out.  Actually, this pattern seemed to run larger than the sizing measurements and I ended up taking in the width I had added to the waist and legs.

 I think he'll like these because he's not a fan of jeans and this pattern calls for a knit waistband with elastic and a drawstring.  
 This was a fairly quick and easy project, especially since I didn't bother with the cargo pockets and roll up tabs.
Here's the best I could get with them on him, running to get to school.

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Janene said...

Love the action shot of those pants on Henry! Super nice job!