Sunday, April 20

Easter Sunday

No pictures of food or all of the company we had together.  No family pictures, all in our Sunday best.  But, here are some snapshots of our little Easter Egg hunt, which topped off our happy Sunday following an uplifting church service with an Easter hymn by our choir (which I lead) and delicious lunch.  Just the best way to celebrate such a hopeful holiday.
Hope yours was good, too!
Tessa slept through the fun.  But, Charlotte was game.

Ready.  Set.  GO!

Helps to have a tall friend.

Time out for glamour shots by the leaves as I coveted Holly's cute Easter outfit.

Why I don't have any close ups of Bram or Harper, I don't know!  


kristin said...

MY PEOPLE!!!!!! Frohe Ostern!!!!

Teriney said...

I need you to photo shop H crotch shot in the first group picture...also you were suppose to photo shop my boobs so they are not so saggy...

Becca said...

Got Hazel covered. I'm not sure how to do the other request. :)