Sunday, June 8

Pillow Case Apliques

Personalize an ordinary pillow case with fabric appliqué.  All you need is a supply of fabric scraps,  Wonder Under or some other two sided iron on interfacing type stuff and a zig zag stitch.  Pattern can be made from your own kindergarten style designs or clip art, coloring pages or other graphic. 
 My goal this year is to make one for each of the 15 oldest grandchildren.   So far I have crafted 5, only 10 more to go!
 When I print up a graphic from the computer I print two.  One I cut up into pieces to make the shapes I need for each different layer or piece of fabric.  The other one serves as a reference for how to assemble my fabric pieces.
 I think it is easier to layer smaller pieces over larger ones.  For example, the center of the flowers is layered over the petal piece.  The petal details on the pink flowers are stitched but the flower is a single piece like the yellow one.  Those are not individual petal pieces.  The butterfly wings have a smaller layer over the larger one in contrasting fabrics.  The antennae are simply zigzag stitching.
 These orcas are made up of a single layer of black with smaller white pieces layered over them.

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Becca said...

I love the whale one. So cool, Mom!