Thursday, August 12

First Day Experiment

Lucy has been asking for something like this, for the first day of school:

And me, thinking, oh that would be easy to make! came up with something like this:

I can't say I'm loving how it turned out. There are a lot of things I would like to change, but seeing how on top of things I've been lately, this will probably get put on a shelf and forgotten... hopefully before the first day of school.


Janene said...

NO offense, but you could have just made the skirt and tucked in the tee shirt. I love the fabric and the adorable model! Hugs to Lucy!

Becca said...

yeah, that and... the skirt is too heavy for the t-shirt and it pulls it out of shape. and the t-shirt is too long, i should have placed the waist higher up. and i should not have let lucy pick the shirt. i will probably end up taking the shirt off and just using the skirt as a skirt. and i will probably just buy the dress she wants from target. boo for a day wasted on a not so great project.

Janene said...

If we didn't make mistakes, how would we learn anything?