Saturday, September 25

Long Distance Grandmotheringg

With a dozen (soon to be a baker's dozen) grandchildren scattered all over the United States I struggle to find ways to stay connected with them. The toddlers and babies are a special challenge. If we only get to see them once a year, we are "strangers" each time we are introduced and we have to start all over again with peak-a-boo from a distance till they warm up to us. Of course we attempt to talk to them on the phone but they are usually more interested in pushing the buttons or eating it!

When they do get old enough, they tend to describe what they see in the room or parrot what parents are telling them to say. So I ache to find ways to let them know they have a grandma that loves them with all her heart.

Right now we have seven wonderful grandsons ranging in ages 3 1/2 to 1 1/2. Five of them were born in a year! They live in Kentucky, Arkansas, California, Washington and until a week ago, Idaho. A few weeks ago I promised Becca's Henry (in Arkansas) that I would send him a letter. He loves to get mail as most 3-year-olds do. I awoke with a start a few days ago realizing I had failed to keep that promise and then this little rhyme, with Henry in mind, germinated in my head. I had to scribble it on the back of receipt beside my bed before I forgot it. I typed it up and plugged in some images from the internet and photos of Henry. Then I decided I might as well make a version for the other little boys--one of the perks of having so many close in age!

I printed up the pages and tucked them into sheet protectors and a report folder. Here is Henry "reading" the version I sent him. Can you guess his favorite part?

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sarah said...

that video is super cute! I love that he tries to eat the candy...and when he says he likes grandma's hugs. so cute!!