Friday, September 10

Personalized Super Hero Capes

The perfect gift for the Super Hero in your life! Truman and Lincoln wore theirs to a super hero birthday party. I cut out the letters in a fabric that does not fray like fleece and backed them with an iron on interfacing. This made it easy to machine baste the letters onto a contrasting colored, bottom weight, or broadcloth diamond. The edges of the diamond were pressed under 1/4 inch and stitched into place on the back of the cape. The neck is edged with store bought bias tape which serves as the ties as well .


little rocker said...

Those are very nice. Henry go compliments on his cape when he wore it tonight to Best Buy and Sonic.

bobbi said...

I saw the pictures of the boys at the birthday party sporting their capes. I could tell they LOVED THEM! Perfect for these two little guys. I should have known that they were lovingly made by you. Just 'Super' cute!!

Anonymous said...

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