Wednesday, January 25

Keeping Me From Things I Really Want to Be Doing

Not a lot of sewing or crafting going on around these parts of late.  
I did try a new recipe for some very delicious cookies (you can find it here) and I've been tinkering with my tutorial for 12Squared, which will be up next month, but other than that, I've been working at my jobs that pay cash dollars and preoccupied with several church callings and and feeling frustrated that I don't have more time or energy for the things I really want to be doing.

Not that I'm complaining. 
Just contemplating.

 With my free time so seemingly scarce, I've felt the desire to use it more wisely.  There's no doubt in my mind that if I cut down on the things I like to do, I'd have the time to get at what I really want to be doing.  Even though Facebook, blogging, Pinterest, and tv are really enjoyable, I don't regret time not spent on those things.  I do regret time not spent with my babies, my neglected fabric stash, and the general disorganization of household chores.  

I guess this is a New Year's resolution of sorts.  A goal to spend less time on things that are good to make time for things that are better.  Something to work on through out the year.  
Wish me luck, because the things I like are habits that will be hard to break.  

 In other news: Lucy's hair is getting so long!


Jen said...

How or what did you use to color Lucy's hair? Olive would LOVE pink hair. PS Lucy's hair looks so pretty.

jean said...

Yes, share your secret! Her hair is looking more red...or maybe that is just the lighting? Can't wait to see you next week!!!!!