Wednesday, April 4

LIttle Bird Watcher

My ten year old grand daughter, Eva, discovered the joy of bird watching when she was visiting us over Christmas break.   When she sprained her ankle she parked herself in front of our dining room window where she could watch the birds at Grandpa's feeders. 

 She was determined to find a way to attract birds to her yard when she returned home to L.A..  Using her own money she bought bird seed and made some feeders.  City squirrels were a big obstacle at first, but she persevered and put petroleum jelly on the feeder ropes to deter the squirrels.   Here is her latest note to me on the subject:

Guess what?? Yesterday I was watching the house finches and thought, "Those two have mated so why aren't they making a nest when it is egg-laying season?"
Then I took a closer look and saw that one of them was tearing off a small twig on a tree and then they flew to a place in our persimon tree. I saw them do this again and with an excited jolt, I realized they must be making a nest!!
 A couple days ago, a new bird came to my feeder, a white crowned sparrow. Here are some pictures of them that I took.

 They are my favorite bird so far!! Anything new going on at your feeder?
And have you gotten a picture of those strange hummingbirds yet?

I am sad to report she later told us that a gust of wind knocked the half finished nest out of her tree. But once again we are finding ways to connect with distant grandchildren through sharing hobbies and interests and hand made gifts.  Trying to knit our hearts together across the miles.  


jean said...

What is the last picture? It didn't come through. Eva is a regular now at checking her email thanks to you and Grandpa J!

Becca said...

that last picture was a blogger blip. i took care of it.

i love this letter from eva and WISH she could come visit us here. we have so many birds.

love you guys.

kristin said...

aw, how neat!