Monday, April 16

Party Details

Here are some little details from Henry's Ninjago party.
We made invites on the computer.
I found a free Lego font here.
Changed Gatorade in to Ninjade with some home made labels and stickers.
We had: 
Kai's Fire Punch
Cole's Rock Water
Jay's Lightning Juice
Zane's Ice-Ade
I've made the labels free to download.  You can get them HERE!

 We made a Garmadon pinata out of a shipping box, that I weakened by removing some of the inside flaps and perforating the packing tape that held it together.  Otherwise, it would take way too long to bust it open!
I poked a hole in the top and threaded a hanger through it.

We filled it with goodies, covered it with black tissue paper and made details out of cardstock.
We decorated the patio with polka dot balloons and colorful bunting.
For our game, we had a scavenger hunt to find the four Weapons of Spinjitzu.  
I made the weapons with wrapping paper tubes, toilet paper tubes, cardboard, and masking tape.  The nun-chucks are held together with a chain of rubber bands.  I didn't want them to be too heavy, because I knew the kids would try them out on each other.  I sprayed them with gold spray paint, which worked like a charm.  
I forgot to get a picture before the scavenger hunt, so the weapons look a little beat up here.
When the kids first arrived, I had them decorate their own ninja headband with stickers and markers.  Then, I told them the story of Ninjago, because most of them weren't familiar.  I told them Kai's sister Nya had been captured by the Evil Lord Garmadon and they had to find the four Weapons of Spinjitzu (the scavenger hunt), fight Garmadon (the pinata) and free Nya.  
This is the map I gave to each child before the scavenger hunt, so they'd know what they were looking for.
Then, we headed out on the scavenger hunt.  I tried to make the clues really simple.  We had a lot of kids and most were under five.  So, the clues were things like "Take 25 steps toward the tree with a swing.  Look up to the sky to find the Nun-Chucks of Lightning".  I also made the kids practice their Spinjitzu spinning before they could move on.  
The game was a hit!
Lucy was very excited to be tied up and in charge of pulling the pinata rope.
Henry's cake request was very simple, which I appreciated.  We looked at lots of pictures online of Ninjago birthday cakes, but he really liked the ones that had real toys on them.
I had seen Lego candles on Amazon but they were ridiculously priced.  Then, on a trip to Target I found some similar for much, much cheaper.  
I do love Target.

For a little thank you gift, Henry handed out mini figures, stored in a Lego storage container.
I think everyone had a lot of fun.  The kids especially loved the scavenger hunt, ending with the pinata.


Wendy said...

seriously amazing...thanks for planning Bradley's party for me. Why don't you send me your stuff you made. :)

Marji Anderson said...

Matthew would die over this party! So many cute ideas Becca! Good job!!

Janene said...

Makes me wish I was a five year old boy! Awesomeness Becca! Even Isaac was wowed by all the details!

jean said...

Wow! Wow! Wow! Can I hire you for our next birthday party?

Kristen said...

Any chance you would be willing to share your labels for the Gatorade bottles?

Erika said...

I'd LOVE the labels for the gatorade....Sharing?

Mindy said...

I would love the template as well. Even a link if you ordered them somewhere.

Becca said...

I made them on my computer and am happy to share! You can now find a link in this post, or search the blog for "printable drink labels". Enjoy!

Stacie said...

What a GREAT idea!!! I was wondering if you would be able to create a green ninja one (Llyod's face). I would love to use these for my sons 5th birthday party (September), I would try to do it myself, but I would really like if they all matched... Let me know... I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!!
-Stacie <--- mother of a HUGE Ninjago fan!

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say a big Thank You for sharing the Gatorade labels with us! My son thinks I am the best mom ever for making these for his party next week! THANK YOU!

Anonymous said...

We have recently started fostering a 6 (soon to be 7) year old. He is OBSESSED with Lego Ninjago and I know nothing about it! Your ideas are fantastic! I will be using many, if not all, for his party. Thanks so much!

Erin said...

How fun are these! LOVE the Ninjago bottle printables. We'll be using these for sure! Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the great ideas! I am NOT creative at all so these ideas are wonderful. Thank you as my 6 year old is going to flip!

Jennifer said...

Does anyone remember what size you had to print them out as? I tried one and I did 2 4 by 6 on one sheet and they were way too big but I didn't see an option to print them smaller. I haven't tried copying it into word so maybe that is what I need to do? Any help or suggestions?

Stephanie J. said...

I just came across your page and its genius! My son LOVES ninjago and I am def going to have to use some of these ideas on his next birthday! Can you tell me how you did the drink labels? I see you put the template on here for downloading...but how do you do it? Like you dont just print it out on paper and glue it to the bottles right? Do you buy blank drink labels and print on those or what? I am super confused!! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these ideas! My son has been requesting a Ninjago party, since summer, for his 4th birthday (and first friend-invited party)... I was at a loss for what to do, but again, THANK YOU! I love people who are far more creative than I am, and share their ideas!

jhon haverd said...

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zerry ht said...

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