Tuesday, September 18

Ice Cream Cake

Summer's not over!  In the Pacific Northwest we are enjoying some of the nicest weather of the year.  And from what I hear it is blazing hot in Los Angeles and Utah and pretty toasty in Arkansas too.  So why not enjoy an ice cream cake?  It will save you dozens of dollars compared to buying one.

For many of our family, this is the requested "Birthday Cake".  

Janene's Ice Cream Cake

1 cake mix, mixed up according to directions.
Bake in two round cake pans.
Cool on racks 20 minutes.
Remove cakes from pans and cool completely on racks.
Freeze cake layers.  
Soften 1/2 gallon plain ice cream (nothing bumpy in it--plain vanilla or chocolate is good). 
To soften just set it out for about 8-15 minutes.  Scoop the softened bits from the edges into a mixing bowl and and gradually add the harder ice-cream, stirring to make slightly pliable "dough".  
Spread 1/2 on top of one layer.  
Cover that with the other layer. 
Frost top and sides with remaining ice cream, re-freezing it for a few minutes if things start to melt.
Then frost again with Cool Whip. 
 Freeze assembled, frosted cake.  
Just before serving garnish with favorite candy or cookies.  

It isn't that hard and the Cool Whip covers all the imperfections.  Frozen cake tastes like something entirely different from regular cake.  And so yummy on these hot summer days in September!

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