Wednesday, February 13

Distance Makes a Mess

Today started with Henry running out the door for school and promptly falling in a mud puddle.  He got mud everywhere: his face, freshly laundered coat, brand new pants, shoes, even on his underwear-- don't ask me how.  The rest of the day kind of went downhill from there.

After I dropped the kids off at school, I treated myself to a Diet Coke of obese size because it was half-off hour at Sonic and because the twins needed a pick-me-up.  Came home to clean up my house and get ready for some company.  Mid-dusting, I knocked the Diet Coke off my desk all over my computer chair and carpet.

Lucy was looking forward to after school because I promised we'd make her Valentines.  I had seen some beautiful sugar cookies on Pinterest and thought they would be darling to hand out to her classmates.  Lucy loves to give homemade gifts and had been talking about the cookies for days.  (Henry is giving store bought Ninjago Valentines with suckers, just so you don't get the wrong idea about me.)  I made the cookies.  Cleaned up the dishes.  Had a contraction or two.  Made cupcakes, because I said I'd bring them to the class party.  Cleaned up the dishes.  Had another contraction.  Then, made royal icing, following a recipe I got from a blog I follow called Sweet Sugarbelle, who's cookies are amazing and because she makes so many, must be a piece of cake!  Right??

This is what we were going for:

Beautiful, huh?

This is what we got:
My Wilton red food coloring did not turn the icing red, as anticipated, but a weird orange-ish-pink. The icing turned out super thick and dried too fast to get the "swirl" through it, so Lucy just piped "dots" on top, which she said looked like piles of poop.  As she was piping her piles, the top of the icing bag opened and she ended up squeezing most of it on her shirt.  By the time we finished, there was icing everywhere.  There were globs on the counter, cupboards, and floor, which I found because I stepped in them.  When I tucked the kids in to bed tonight, I noticed dried pink frosting on their bedroom door.
 I thought royal icing was suppose to dry hard and shiny, but our royal icing did neither.  I don't think they are going to hold up well tomorrow.  And I really don't see myself making royal icing again.
The day ended appropriately with a spilled cup of milk and a bowl of dumped Cheezits.

Happy Valentine's, everyone!


sarah said...

Oh dear. I'd you happen to make hers again ( sugarbelles) call me. that's the recipe I use for all my took months to get the exacts down to make things pretty. way to Keep going though. I think they look yummy

jean said...

Being pretty much full term pregnant and attempting to make a homemade Valentine, I say kudos to you Becca! I wouldn't even attempt it and I'm not pregnant!! xoxo

Janene said...

Those were the good old days!

Candi said...

Lol. Nailed it Becca! I say "A" for effort!

marshall p said...

hilarious. royal icing is dead easy, whut happened?