Sunday, March 23

Dallas Buyers Club (the G Rated Version)

These girls know how to plan a last minute trip to Dallas like no one's business.
Thanks to some encouragement from the husbands, we packed up and headed south for the weekend to do a little damage at Ikea and rejuvenate our enthusiasm for being professional mothers.
Someone was excited to go.
(It was me.)

Breakfast at Starbucks.

A quick stop by City Craft's new location.
It was kind of sparse and more industrial.  Kind of missed their quaint little shop on Lover's Lane.

Pre-five hour wandering delirium through the maze of Swedish inspiration.

Found this little reminder of our missing quarter.

Holly can do some serious shopping when she puts her mind to it.  Two overflowing carts and one completely full pallet trolley later...

...and there was still some daylight making its way through the tops of the car windows.  Can't believe we fit everything and still had room to bring Teriney home.

After such a mammoth shopping spree, we needed to re-energize with some red meat.  T-Bone's waitressing experience and consumer know-how scored us some free dessert. 

Then, she put this on, so I knew it was time to get home.

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Teriney said...

Epic. (Right Holly?)