Saturday, March 1

Little Details for the Littles' Birthday

Here's a little break down of the food I served at the twins' party and links to the recipes.
This cake turned out really good.  It was a little time consuming and I left off the coconut syrup.  But, the recipe was really educational-- lots of good bakery-esque tips.  The frosting is Swiss buttercream, which I'd never made before, but it was delicious and possibly my new go-to frosting.

I tasted these right out of the oven and was disappointed with the cake, but letting them sit over night in the fridge worked wonders because they ended up being a hit.  I used almond emulsion instead of almond extract (you can get it at hobby and craft stores) in the cake batter and the frosting, which really develops a yummy almond flavor that compliments the cherry well.  
Wish there were some leftovers for tomorrow's breakfast.

These cookies are so soft and fluffy they are almost biscuit like.  The recipe calls for sour cream, but I didn't have enough so I did about half sour cream and half full-fat plain yogurt.  I think they still turned out pretty good.

Chocolate covered strawberries.

We also had lunch food, not just desserts. :)
Smoked beef brisket, which Billy dutifully got up with every two hours during the night to check on
Parmesan Ranch Mushrooms (I used Gruyere and Parmesan)

Party favors were small cups of Cadbury Mini Eggs and butter mints.  And for the kids, take-out cartons full of gumballs, suckers and a toy.  Twin cherry suckers and a little thank you tag were hanging on the outside of each box.

Initials, so I could remember who was who in the pictures.

Confetti filled balloons

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