Tuesday, February 1

Dolly Folly

After months of company, I am unwinding with sewing clothes for Felicity and Melissa--American Girl dolls recently adopted by two of my grand daughters. As I do so, I have flash backs to my mom's late night doll clothes sewing frenzies. One year she out did herself by sewing Barbie evening gowns as party favors for my sister's birthday. I clearly recollect an elegantly set dining table with 13 doll dresses standing at each place. Sparkling dresses, fur stoles and coats, some slinky, some full with tule--it was quite an exhibit of her creativity. And of course she made the birthday cake, a Barbie in a frosting dress!

With 7 children of my own I never gave doll clothes a second thought. But here I am now, having fun with my first attempts, in time for Valentine's Day!
Mc Call's Pattern 2609 was used for the hooded coat, petticoat, bloomers and pinafore dress.

Cheerleader outfit was made from McCall's pattern 3900. JoAnn's carries a line of knock off American Girl dolls, clothes and accessories at a fraction of the AG cost. I got the tennis shoes at JoAnn's, with a half off coupon, off course! Pompoms were made of 1/8 inch ribbon in 5.5 inch strips, folded in half and bound and sewn with thread. Then I flipped up one of the strands and sewed down the free end for a handle. Hot glue and blue ribbon were used to finish up the top. The cheer top has a velcro closure but the dress, pinafore and coat use small snaps.


m. said...

cutest doll clothes ever.

Becca said...

mom, lucy is going to absolutely LOVE these!! you out did yourself.

Becca said...

I love the clothes that you made, especially the cheer leading outfit and accessories. thank you! thank you! thank you! thank you, grandma j!

Marilyn said...

Janene, these are wonderful!!! You probably didn't get give doll clothes any thought while you were raising your children, because 6 boys to one girl, makes for sewing on Boy Scout patches more important.

Shari @For the Little Doll In Your Life said...

Adorable! Good job grandma.