Monday, February 14


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Happy 1 year blogiversary to us!  
Dear Blog,
Truthfully, I hadn't really placed a whole lot of emotional importance on you.  For me, you've been a way to record some of my projects, a place to see what my mom has been up to and to ramble (in an effort to ramble less in public).  But, coming up on our one-year anniversary, I am feeling much more connected to you than I expected.  It's kind of endearing that you keep a precious timeline of projects and parties and random thoughts that have been important to me for the last 12 months.  This one year mark has me feeling a little nostalgic and in awe of how slowly and quickly a year can go by.  So, Sweet Blog, what I'm trying to say, is, even though I've only thought of us as friends so far, I really do appreciate you.  And, I'm wondering if, well, would you will be my Valentine?  

Here are some of my favorite memories from the last year:

Hope you all have a special Valentine's, too!


jean said...

Oh Becca, you make me laugh! Cute post!

Janene said...

happy blogiversary to us! My favorite event of the year was our dream come true week in Little Rock in November. Hiking, cooking, crafting, sewing and WICKED all in one glorious autumn week. A treasured memory. Love to my darling daughter on Valentine's Day.

kristin said...

I can't help but feel slightly sentimental, as well. Thanks for keeping my children and myself immersed in handmade love. Hard to believe Theo was only but a dream last May.

P.S. I think I hear Dallas calling our names again...