Thursday, February 24

Scrap Exchange!

With the nice weather we had last week, I was in the mood for spring cleaning.  It's hard, though, for someone like me to just throw away fabric and crafting supplies, even if I don't want/need them.  So, I thought with all the quilting that is going on around here and here and here, someone might be able use my unwanted scraps or get inspired by my cast-off yardage.  I invited a few friends over for a little craft exchange.  It was very, very fun to go through everyone's fabric and I think everyone walked away with some  new treasures.

Nikki won the prizes for "best guacamole" and "most fabric to trade" with her three enormous Ikea bags, rolling suitcase and sack full of patterns.  I loved seeing all of her costuming fabrics and snagged myself a couple of her patterns.  (She is a professional costumer).

There was lots of good food and hilarious conversation.  

In the end, most of the fabric had found a new home.  The Hancock's near my house is collecting scraps to make quilts for the troops, so that's where all the left over fabric went.  

I had so much fun, I'll definitely be doing this again.  If you want to see more pictures of our Craft Exchange, visit  Kristin's blog.