Sunday, July 31

Baptism Day

Lucy was baptized the Saturday after her birthday.  Having so much family in attendance made it a very special day.
I made her a simple dress to wear after the baptism.  The hem is trimmed with crocheted lace that was made by Lucy's great-great-grandmother.  I wish I knew more about the lace and the grandmother who made it, but I suspect it must have been special because it has been preserved in hope chests for who knows how many decades.  

I embroidered little white birds and flowers along the sleeves and hem and memorialized Lucy's special day by embroidering her name and baptism date along the hem.  I hope this little dress can be passed on to Lucy's babies some day, and their names and dates added next to her's.

Afterward, we had family and close friends dine with us at Larry's.  It was important to initiate the out of towners to our favorite Little Rock pizza spot. 
Thanks to everyone who came to support Lucy on her big day!

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