Saturday, July 30

The Party Continues...

WARNING!  Photo over load in this post!

lucy's 8th birthday
Lucy's birthday celebrating continued for two fun weeks with a visit from my family:  My brother Nathan and his family from Kentucky, Mom, Dad, and babiest recent high school graduate brother Isaac from Washington.

lucy's ice cream cake

alex, blake, and henry
We showed them the best Little Rock has to offer.

henry and grandpa j
First stop was the King Fisher Trail at Pinnacle Mountain and the visitor's center look-out.

cypress knees... i think they are so cool!

nathan and dad looking at the river
The visitor's center offered seasoned grubs and crickets for sale.  
Of course we were game!

My favorite is Blake's expression!
me, eating a grub
Billy's parents had us over for some of the best food of the trip.  
Low Country Boil and BBQ Ribs!  OH MY!  It was sooo good.
Why don't we have any pictures with the Griffins?  I guess we were too busy stuffing our faces.
Thank you, Griffins!

We saw Central High School, the ghetto, Mike Bebee's residence, drove past the Clinton Library, sweltered at the River Market, and made a stop at the Big Dam Bridge. 
(Little Rockers voted on that name... democracy may have failed in this case).

me, henry, nathan, alex, lucy, blake, jenny, savanah
My sister-in-law, Jenny, wins the "enduring to the end" award for putting up with the high temps, high humidity, and various attempts to do something outdoors all while being eight months pregnant.

jenny and blake
lucy, my nature girl
me and hen (as he now prefers to be called)
Lucy and Henry had so much fun with their cousins, it left us really wishing we lived closer.

henry, lucy, alex, blake
hen, alex, mac, blake


nathanjasinskifamily said...

Becca, great blog! Do you get a low of traffic on this? Well done, sis!

Wendy said...

I really, REALLY love that henry, um I mean Hen is wearing water wings for the slip and slide...

Janene said...

It was a fantastic trip! So many great memories! Miss you all.

Aaron said...

Man. Wish we could have been there!