Friday, July 29

Lucy's Eighth

When Lucy asked for a "craft" party to celebrate her eighth birthday, the thought crossed my mind that maybe she was just suggesting an idea she knew would please me, instead of one she wanted.  But, then I thought that maybe she does enjoy crafting as a way to feel close to me and I should consider it a blessing that she likes to do what I like to do because surely these days for us are numbered as she get closer and closer to teenagerdom.

So, we invited a couple of friends to come for an evening of craft.  I made a gathered half apron for each girl and set them up with prepared fabric and scissors.  They went to work embellishing their aprons with homemade appliques.  There were also Perler bead creations and lots of silliness.

We had cake and cupcakes Lucy had picked from Sam's Club.  That's right, no homemade cake.  I was too busy making aprons.   Then, present time!  Lucy was delighted with her gifts.

The night ended with the girls snuggled up together watching  singing "Tangled".

Happy birthday, Lucy Girl!

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Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!!