Sunday, September 18

Cheapest Dog House on the Block

 Our puppy chews.  A lot.  He's chewed up shoes, a door mat, feather pillows, stuffed animals, dish cloths, toilet paper, bath towels, computer cords, clothes, cell phone chargers, and a tennis ball, to name a few.  He's chewed holes in my four-year old's pants, while the four-year old was in them.  When we first got him, we bought a plastic dog crate, to crate train him, but he chewed the hinges off.  People say dogs out grow this stage.  
I'm hoping they are right.

Since our mini-move, Mochi has been happily playing in our country back yard and sleeping on our deck.  But, the weather is getting colder and wetter and the puppy needs some shelter.  I've scoured Craigslist for a used dog house with little luck.  I just can't bring myself to fork out more money on something he's going to destroy.
So, Billy came up with a great idea: turn a storage tote into a dog house.  

We bough an 18qt storage box for less than $6 at Target, turned it upside down and traced a hole for the door.

   Billy used a box cutter to cut it out.  

 We snapped the lid on, turned the tote upside down, and put sealant in between the box and the lid, all the way around.

Next, Billy used sealant to attach a spare lid to the top, for a little added rain protection.

Ta-Da!  A dog house!  And I don't care if the dog chews it up, because it was only $6!


Wendy said...

Dang!! That is awesome! Now people wwho are buying "real" dog houses are thinking they are such suckers!! Any job news?

Bernard Gui said...

This is the coolest idea I have seen in many a moon.
You could even insulate it by setting a larger tote over this one and putting mildew/mold-proof insulation between them. You have a lucky doggy! Now, get to work and decorate it!

Love, Dad

jean said...

Brilliant idea!