Monday, September 19

Table Top Makeover

We found this table in our attic, five years ago, when we bought our house.  It had seen better days.  The veneer was warped, broken and stained from water damage, but I thought the metal legs were pretty cool and it was just too solid of a table to throw away-- it is surprisingly heavy.  We moved it out to our shed and there it sat until recently...

Our new place is great, but there isn't much room for my big sewing amoire.  Needing a place to rest my sewing machine was the motivation I needed to finally refinish our attic find and make it useful once more.
My father-in-law took the legs off, sanded the whole thing down and replaced the old screws that were holding the legs on.  
I know.  I'm super lucky.

I decoupaged paper to the top and now I have a clean, smooth, sturdy surface where I can sew my heart out!

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Bernard Gui said...

This is unbelievably cute! I think Decoupage would want advertising space on this blog!