Friday, September 2

Eva Learns to Sew

Eva is my oldest grand daughter. She likes to crochet, swim, play the violin and piano and sew!

I started teaching Eva to sew by hand when she was 4 or 5 during my annual visits. She is 10 now and becoming a lovely young lady. She is wearing her favorite pj's Becca made her!

She got a real sewing machine, however basic, for Christmas last year. So this past week our goal was to get her comfortable operating it and learning some basic techniques !

Fist she made this elastic waist dirndl skirt from some red paisley fabric she had picked out at the Fashion District two years ago. One seam, elastic waist and a pocket.

Eva likes to wear her skirts long. It was funny to hear her argue with her mom to make it longer! Boy, back in my day the it was the other way around!

Next her goal was to replicate her favorite peasant skirt. Attaching ruffles was challenging but she learns fast.

It was her idea to add the ribbon trim!

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