Sunday, November 6

My Bird Whisperer

This is what  Billy and I woke up to this morning.
  Lucy found this cardinal in the grass.  It let her pick it up and she promptly brought it inside the house.  
Billy was a little grossed out.  Henry and I thought it was really neat.  Lucy thought it was magical.


Janene said...

That is crazzzy and amazzzing! It is magical!

Janene said...

I am so impressed! Great Gramma and Grampa Jasinski would be so proud of you. They loved birds and had the magical touch, just like you. GGma J once rescued an injured pigeon and nursed it back to health and it loved her forever.

Love, Grampa J

Eva / Sycamore Street Press said...

That is definitely magical! And your post about pampering Lucy when she was feeling anxious was so sweet. Makes me look forward to those kinds of days when Ingrid gets a bit older. Hope you guys are doing well and get your "limbo state" sorted our as quickly as possible!