Wednesday, November 30

Pile of Pajamas

Not sure why but the word "Christmas" stirs up a compulsion to make pajamas for the grandchildren!
I used to make matching pj's for the clan but found I got mighty bored sewing on the same fabric hour after hour.
For the teenage.
For the babies.

For the girls.
For the boys!

This year I went with a variety of flannel prints scarfed up on Black Friday 2010. Not much left of that stash now! I sewed basic elastic waist pajama pants and then embellished ready made long sleeved tees to match. Two pairs of the 14 were already mailed when the photos were taken.

I thought this was a lot until I met a friend with 49 grandchildren! She is making them all personalized pillowcases!


Becca said...

LOVE THEM!! I can totally pick out which pj's are for which girls. I think you got their personalities down!

Joey Rachel Avery & Ansley said...

Can I be one of your grandchildren?!?! You are AMAZING! & They look FANTASTIC!

jean said...

So cute! The grandkids are going to LOVE them!