Saturday, October 27

Halloween Treats for Busy Mummies

I looked up the directions and made a shopping list to make adorable crafty cupcake spiders and cupcake owls for visiting grandchildren.  After an hour at the store trying to select the right kind of candy, Oreos in two sizes, Pocky Sticks and frosting for a project that would probably crumble in my hands I passed a sack of Clementines on sale.  They cost less than one of the six $4.00 bags of candy in my cart, which I was buying just so I could use the brown ones for eyes and the orange ones for an owl nose.  

 Figuring their health conscious mom would prefer them, I went with the Clementines and dumped the other items.  I used a permanent marker to give them their Jack-o-lantern faces.
 And these mini powdered sugar donuts found their way into the cart.  So I dressed them up for Halloween too.  Chocolate chips did the trick for this treat.
Ta-Da!  Halloween Treats for Dummies and busy Mummies.  Leaves you more time for making costumes or growing a pair of twins! 


Becca said...

Love the baby ghosts!! Such a clever grandma to save time/money/and dental bills by skipping the candy. :)

jean said...

Love it! After all the Halloween candy, cute little pumpkin clementines are genius!!

Amy said...

I am so copying the jack-0-lantern clementines. What a fantastic idea, and such a good alternative to yet more sugar on Halloween.

Kristin J. said...

They were a huge hit! The kids and I are going out to get clementines right now for our own treats. They loved the ghosties too. :)