Saturday, October 6

Puppet Show Dress

This little orange outfit was made from the Oliver and S pattern titled "Puppet Show Dress".  The curved bodice line, little darts and buttoned sleeve band are details that make it a quality item. 

Inspiration to make the dress came from a 50 year old apron that my mother frequently wore when I was a girl.  In de-cluttering her house a couple of years ago I discovered the thread bare half apron but decided to hang on to it and incorporate the embroidered parts in a dress for a grand daughter.

So I used those bits on the sleeve band and the collar.

I like the shorts with the little gathers at the leg opening and handmade bias trim.  The pattern also calls for two pockets but I chose not to use them in this application.


jean said...

Is this for Eleanor or Anna? Love the fun colors!

Kristin J. said...

The dress fits Eleanor perfectly! She is going through a 'I don't want to wear any clothing' phase and I couldn't snap a pic before she took it off after church. Ill try to get one today after her nap. :) We'll play dress up!