Tuesday, April 20

Amy Butler Tunic and Polish Arms

I'm hesitant to make clothing for myself because it takes twice as much fabric as children's clothing and my body is... lumpier... so, fit is always a bit of an unknown . Kind of a risky investment. But, I saw this Amy Butler pattern and it looked so tempting... like it would be perfect for the summer weather that's just around the corner. So, I thought I'd give it a try. This was my first time making something from Amy Butler's pattern line. Can I say how disappointed I am in the quality? The pattern paper seems thinner than the McCall's and Simplicity patterns you can buy for a dollar at Hancocks and the markings were minuscule and practically printed on top of each other. Aside from that, it was fairly easy to make. I chose the dress length option and used a light-weight almost linen like cotton polka dot and lined it with an ultra-thin cotton.

Once the whole thing was finished, I tried it on only to discover my little piping detail made the arm holes a bit.too.tight. Blast the matron arms I inherited from my great-grandmother Jadwiga! Oh, well, I guess my friend Holly will be getting an early birthday present. I'll definitely try this pattern again-- making sure to allow for my ample biceps. I only hope the tissue paper holds up for a second pinning.


Kristin J. said...

That looks super cute! Does it cover a garment top or would you still need to wear a layered t under it?

Becca said...

Well, with how tight it fit around my arms, nothing was peaking out. :) I was planning on wearing a layers with it.

sarah said...

that is soo cute!! love it!