Saturday, October 30

Carving Pumpkins

 We started out with grand illusions of amazingly detailed jack-o-lanterns-- a spooky cat and a skull and cross bones.  But, I learned something about myself while struggling with the teeny-tiny tools that came in our pumpkin carving kit and the slippery, round surface of our pumpkins; I have neither the talent nor the patience to carve fancy pumpkins.

So, we ended up going with the more "traditional" jack-o-lantern face, which is a better suited task for my skill set.

Happy Halloween!

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wordandcraft said...

I remember the first year I tried fancy pumpkins...not good. Although I didn't just retreat to the traditional--I decided that alternative stick on faces or paint were the easiest way out. At least you have patience for goop and knives. :)