Sunday, October 17

Charmed, I'm Sure

Me and Darcy riding the metro 
After a really stressful couple of months, I got a chance to unwind in Baltimore (a.k.a Charm City) with my freshman roommate, Darcy (who happens to be an excellent hostess).  It was so fun to catch up on old times.  We crammed so much in over four short days-- it was as though we had channeled the energy of our 18-year old selves.

Outlet shopping. Ikea. Costco. A late-night movie. Sightseeing. Anthropologie. Good eats. A concert. A half marathon (well, that was really just Darcy). Reminiscing. A classic Lifetime Movie.

One of our first stops was for some lunch at a little Greek restaurant.  It was SUPER good and not at all blurry, like the photo suggests.

We drove by John Hopkins and Darcy showed me where she worked.  We saw Charm City Cakes (Ace of Cakes, for you Food Network lovers).  We toured around Baltimore which is littered with wonderful, old architecture.  There's something about rows of beautiful, old buildings and cobblestone roads that starts my imagination churning.  I have a secret wish to travel to the past to see first hand how those buildings looked brand new and what they were used for and how they were decorated and how people lived and what kinds of sounds and textures were to be found then.  If only Billy could soup up a  Delorean for me in his lab...

We went to Sound Garden where Darcy picked up the latest Belle and Sebastian album (the band we were seeing the next day).  Then, we walked down to the harbor to wander around.    



After some frozen yogurt at Mr. Yogato's, we walked across the street, continuing our stroll through Fells Point and there, outside an art gallery sitting on a sidewalk display, I saw a familiar looking print.  My brother, Aaron's, work to be exact.  I was so surprise and proud!  The gallery had half a wall full of his prints and even some originals.  We chatted with the owner and I felt a tiny bit famous...

Thursday, we headed to D.C. for some sight-seeing and the concert.  After reading "Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer" last year, I was particularly anxious to see Ford's Theater.  That book was so detailed and interesting, I couldn't wait to see the landmark in person.  It's surprisingly unassuming.  We didn't go inside as it is still a working theater.

I call this photo, "Waiting for Lincoln"

Across the street was Peterson's Boarding House, where Lincoln was brought after he was shot and ultimately died.  It was under some renovations, so I just sat on the steps.

We headed toward the World War II Memorial.  It was absolutely beautiful and I think I'm safe to say, we both got a little choked up looking at the series of bas relief pictorials depicting iconic scenes from the war. 

After that, we headed up the street to the DAR Constitution Hall for our concert.  My favorite band (probably of all time), who I last saw perform in Scotland over ten years ago, played to a crowed house and did not disappoint.

Waiting for the show to start
Belle and Sebastian

Friday was spent shopping.  Bargains were had by all.  Saturday came too soon.  Darcy had her half marathon, so we headed down to the Inner Harbor and watched the full marathon for a bit before we said our good-byes.  It was such a fun trip.  Darcy has promised to visit the South, soon and I can't wait!

P.S.  Darcy made a better time than she expected on her race. 
Congrats, Darcy!


Janene said...

Fabulous summary, Becca. I feel like I was there. I can't believe you found Aaron's art there! Oh, my! And the Ford theater! I read that book, too! Wow! I am so glad you got to go! Can't wait to see you next month!

wordandcraft said...

Love this post--blurry gyros and Aaron's art--all so cool! And now I'm curious to know why you were in Scotland 10 years ago.

kristin said...

love the pictures!

sarah said...

so fun for you Becca! and might I just add, you hair is super cute!

Darleen said...

Looks like you had a great time and really got to enjoy yourself! Heard you had a rough couple of months...sorry, but keep smiling and call me sometime...don't stay a stranger :)

Lisa said...

Wow Becca! What a awesome little trip. You saw so much in such a short time . . . and so neat to see your brother's art!

mindy said...

bec-you are really making me miss home. I guess I consider VA home now. Trips into DC and up ot Baltimore were regular favorites of mine. Did you walk out on the pier where meg ryan sits in sleepless in seattle? Should you go back with your kids, the baltimore aquarium is amazing. Man, I'm jealous! I want to wander the streets with you enjoying meals and bargains and finding Aaron's art!! What a fun trip. I'm so happy for you--you really deserve it!! You are wonderful!

Jessica and Caleb said...

Looks like ya'll had fun! I did the half marathon too! It was an AMAZING day! Did you go to the outlet shops in PA? The north isn't AS bad as I originally thought but you are definitely lucky to be living in Arkansas!

jean said...

Looks like a ton of fun! Your hair is super cute...I like the highlights!