Sunday, October 31

Costume Parade!

Henry has been set on his costume for weeks and weeks-- a golden knight.  I used Simplicity pattern 5520 and a cape that Grandma J had made a while back.  It was really fun to make and even more gratifying when he asked if he could sleep in it.  There is something so endearing about the three-year old stage.  Their imaginations are endless, their perception of the world is eye opening and their love is unconditional (that's not to say he isn't challenging at times), but I just want to bottle this stage up and keep it in my pocket.

Lucy has had a few ideas for costumes.  She wanted to be Spider Girl up until a couple of days ago when her heart's desire settled on being a TV.  We didn't quite have the supplies she wanted, but we tried our best.  (What's on TV?  A baseball game!)


Sadly, the TV was a bit too cumbersome to wear to school.  Luckily, Grandma J had bought some princess dresses a few years ago and Lucy was happy to trade in for something a little more feminine.  She wore the TV to our church Halloween party and the Cinderella dress to Boo at the Zoo and to her school dress-up day.   And she wore the Belle dress (my favorite) to a friend's Halloween party and trick or treating.   

Happy Haunting, everyone!


jean said...

What fun costumes!!

wordandcraft said...

I never got to tell you Friday night, but I was thoroughly impressed with the golden knight costume. You're such a good momma!