Monday, October 4

Tutorial: Fabric Flower with French Knots

I thought I'd post a little tutorial for the flower I put on Ingrid's onesie.  It's such a simple way to make a plain t-shirt or onesie interesting.  

}a plain onesie or shirt
}an iron
}ironing board
}embroidery thread
}embroidery needle
}light-weight fusible interfacing (you will need two pieces, a 1" square and a slightly larger 1 1/2" square)
}small scrap of fabric cut in a wide ice cream cone shape (see photo-- my scrap was about 4"x4 1/2" at the widest parts)

  1. Mark a spot on the front of the shirt where you want the flower to go with a crease or a straight pin (so you can see the mark when the shirt is inside out, too) .
  2. Turn the shirt inside out.
  3. Center the small square (1"x1") of interfacing over the marking you made.  
  4. Follow the instructions on your interfacing packaging to adhere it to the inside of the shirt.
  5. Turn the shirt right side out again.
  6. Pinch the center of your ice cream cone shaped scrap (you should be pinching the wrong side of the fabric).  This will cause the fabric to bunch and fold.  Lightly press the folds to help keep the shape of the flower while you sew it on to the shirt.
  7. Thread your embroidery needle with three to five strands of embroidery thread.
  8. Position the flower over the mark you made on the front of the shirt.
  9. Keeping the folds of the flower intact with one hand, sew three French knots through the layers of interfacing, shirt, and flower to securely fasten the flower to the shirt and to hold some of the folds of the flower down. 
  10. If you're not sure how to make a French knot, here is a good tutorial.  
  11. After the flower is attached, turn the shirt inside out again.  Iron the larger piece (1 1/2"x1 1/2") of interfacing over the back of your French knots and the smaller piece of interfacing, sealing everything in.  You will end up with a sandwich of sorts-- flower, shirt, interfacing, thread/knots, interfacing.   See photo below.

   12.  Enjoy!

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