Tuesday, April 12

It's a Dog Party!

Tomorrow is Henry's birthday.  
I can't believe that he is going to be FOUR!  
Hooray for four!
We celebrated early with family and the gang at Larry's Pizza last night for dinner.  It was a double party as our sweet friend Ryli's b-day was yesterday (she turned the big 0-8)! 
 Henry requested Dirt Cake, so that's what he got.  Even if I forgot to bring it and Billy had to run back home in traffic to get it.  And even if I forgot the camera, so I have no pictorial proof .  And even if I forgot a birthday candle.  Lucky for forgetful me, I have a rememberful/sharingful friend who let us borrow Ryli's candle.    

Today, we had a little party with Henry's preschool friends.  He requested a DOG party.  Easy enough, now that we have a dog.

First, we made doggy ears.  
In the midst of our cutting and stapling, one little girl gave herself a haircut (or grooming as we call it at a dog party) with her scissors.  I got a pretty good laugh over the wispy blond curls that fluttered to the floor.  Luckily, her mom is a hair dresser, so she can probably make it work.

We played "Sit" (which is a lot like musical chairs, but without the chairs).

 There were cupcakes that looked like this:

And candle blowing that looked like this:

 And lots of great presents.  We are so lucky to have such generous friends!!  Henry played with all his new toys the rest of the afternoon.

When it was time to go, these little guys went home with our friends:

Henry said it was a "good" party, which is always my goal.
Tomorrow will be a low-key celebration of the actual turning of years for our buddy.  I think breakfast in bed, a new bike and dinner at Cracker Barrel are in order.  
He just loves their peppermint sticks and 
I just love my darling, wonderful, clever, spectacular, fantastic boy!


Liz said...

making balloon animals for your child is true love!

he looks so stinkin cute with his ears blowing out his candles! great job on the party!

jean said...

Happy Birthday Henry! Becca-those cupcakes are adorable! And when did you learn how to make puppy balloons? I shouldn't be surprised! :)

Wendy said...

Hmmm...guess who is getting a dog party this year? Thanks man. Darling everything.

Lisa said...

What cute little friends (mostly little blondies!). I think the pic of Henry blowing out the candle is PRICELESS. So cute!

Cozy in Texas said...

I came across your blog today. What delightful pictures. I love the cupcakes.