Tuesday, April 26

Rosy Nightgown

 Lucy's BFF had a birthday this month.  She had a "late-over" party and a nightgown on her wishlist.  A wish I thought I could easily fulfill.  So easy, I thought I could whip out a matching one for Lucy before the party and they could be twins!  I found a pattern and cut out the fabric and then... my brain stopped working.  It took me MUCH longer than it should have to make Ryli's nightgown-- lots of seam ripping and resewing and stretching out of the bodice.  The end result was not my best, but it was finished and wrapped just in time (hence the lacking picture).  That's worth something, right? 

A week later, I did finish the match for Lucy.  Why I couldn't figure it out the first time is beyond me.  
But, that's kinda how I roll lately.

Happy (late) Birthday, Ryli! 


Jen said...

What pattern did you use?
PS I do that ALL the time. First one sewing project takes forever and challenges my brain. The second one is usually a piece of cake.

Janene said...

Ah Becca, you have loved that rose bud print since you were a tiny girl. I love this nightgown! Looks so cool and comfy. What pattern did you use?

Becca said...

It's New Look #6334. I really like the pattern and, you're right mom. I have always loved this little rose print. :)