Wednesday, April 6

Princess Leia and Friends

Becca's brother, Peter, was born 7 weeks before the first Star Wars movie was released. Today is his birthday and so I made him a set of those puppets I made before, plus a few more.
To make Princess Leia's hair, I used the brown felt on the back, stitched to the back of the puppet head and then included in the seam where the body front and back are joined. But the hair back is not attached at the neck line.

For the braids I used 15 - 6 foot lengths of brown yarn. I tied one end of the bunch to a door knob and then braided them with 5 strands in each section. I tied off both ends so they would not come apart. I found the center of the braid and pinned it to the center of Leia's forehead along the seam line. I hand stitched the braid around her face, leaving it free just above the "neck". Then I wound each braid into a bun on the side of her head and hand stitched it into place.

She has real blush on her cheeks and a pink embroidered mouth.

Her dress is cut from the body pattern (without a head), slightly fuller and with elongated sleeves. It is made from an old white sheet. For the hood I sewed two rectangles together on two sides forming an "L". Opening up the hood, I made a narrow hem on the longest unsewn edge. This is opening of the hood for the head. Then I gathered the short unsewn end and attached to the neck of the gown. I used some silver gift ribbon for the belt and hand stitched it into place.

Her gun is made with two popsicle sticks. One stick is the base of the gun. The second stick is cut into 3 segments and hot glued into place to make the handles and scope of the weapon. I sandwiched the the stick gun in between two layers of black felt and hot glued those together.

The Storm Trooper is the simple puppet body made in white felt with a helmet based on the helmet pattern for Darth Vadar. Accents are in black felt. His and Bobba Fett's guns are made the same way as Leia's.

Luke Skywalker is a simple puppet body with yellow hair. In this picture he has a brown hooded robe, but everyone thought he was Han, so I made him a white felt jacket with brown belt, fringed his hair, and gave him a light coat of blush on his cheeks. Now he looks like Luke, but he is in L.A., just in time for Peter's birthday.


Becca said...

wow! you really out did yourself! those are amazing!!!

Lisa said...

Those are really cute. Leia's hair is amazing!

Liz said...

these are awesome! my brother would die to have a set of these!

Jennifer R. said...

Nice work! That is really neat!!