Friday, June 10

Candy Leis

A candy lei is the perfect little something to say congratulations to a grad or a soloist! It could be an alternative to flowers. With our youngest son and all his friends graduating tomorrow, I wanted to bring something to the ceremony that I could give to them in their moment of glory.To make a candy lei, get a big bag of candy. You can use any wrapped candy like mini candy bars and taffy. I used an assortment of hard candy. Pull out a length of plastic wrap or cellophane about 40 inches long. Use a longer length for bigger pieces of candy like the candy bars because their bulk will take up more of the length of plastic wrap. For these small hard candies I split the length of plastic in half so now I have enough to make two leis. Hint: by getting the counter slightly damp, the wrap stays in place!
Next I placed the candy along the plastic with about 1.5 inches in between each piece. For bigger candy leave a bigger space. Then fold the wrap over the candy to seal it inside the rope of plastic wrap. Be sure to leave about 3 inches of wrap at each end.
Cut 10 inch lengths of curling ribbon and tie a piece in between each candy.
Tie the ends of the wrap together and then tie a piece of ribbon over that knot. Trim the ends of the wrap if necessary.
Curl the ribbon ! Now you can surprise someone on their special day with a candy lei!

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